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Waveguide Adapters

Dolph Microwave manufactures a wide range of waveguide to coax adapters covering all waveguide bands from WR2300 to WR10, which is available for most standard waveguide to coax adapters.

Additionally Dolph Microwave still offers precision type with almost perfect VSWR and Low insertion loss with both groove, flat, chock and customized flange as option.

waveguide to coax adapter
waveguide adapters
coaxial to waveguide adapter

Ordering Guide of Waveguide Adapters

Ordering Guide of Waveguide Adapters

  • Flange type: Multiple types available - see Technical Reference page

  • Finish: Corrosion protection plus black/grey top coat

  • Standard unit provided not sealed pressure tight unless otherwise specified

Note: All Dolph Microwave waveguide adapters include an anti-corrosion protection treatment, painted flat black. For other flange finishes, material or paint color requirements please specify or check our custom microwave components page. Precision type with perfect VSWR and IL are still available as option.

Coaxial adapter naming type:Coaxial connector type:
WCA=waveguide to coax adaptersS=SMA connector
CWCA=Customized waveguide to coax adaptersN=N-type connector
J=MaleK=2.92mm connector
K=Female2.4=2.4mm connector
E=End launch1.8=1.8mm connector
M=PBR/PDR/PAR7/16=7/16  connector

Datasheet of Waveguide Adapters

Model No*Freq Range (GHz)VSWR (Max)DimensionsWG  TypeFlangeMaterial
DH-12WCAN…0.96-1.46GHz waveguide adapters1.25166*187*285R12WR770FDP/FDMAl
DH-14WCAN…1.13-1.73GHz waveguide adapters1.25150*138*220R14WR650FDP/FDMAl
DH-18WCAN…1.45-2.20GHz waveguide adapters1.25120*120*185R18WR510FDP/FDMAl/Cu
DH-22WCAN…1.72-2.61GHz waveguide adapters1.25100*106*161R22WR430FDP/FDMAl/Cu
DH-26WCAN…2.17-3.30GHz waveguide adapters1.2590*95*138R26WR340FDP/FDMAl/Cu
DH-32WCAN…2.60-3.95GHz waveguide adapters1.2572*76*114R32WR284FDP/FDMAl/Cu
DH-40WCAN…3.22-4.90GHz waveguide adapters1.2565*70*98R40WR229FDP/FDMAl/Cu
DH-48WCAN…3.94-5.99GHz waveguide adapters1.2554*63*89R48WR187FDP/FDMAl/Cu
DH-58WCAN…4.64-7.05GHz waveguide adapters1.2550*62*81R58WR159FDP/FDMAl/Cu
DH-70WCAN…5.38-8.17GHz waveguide adapters1.2548*49*68R70WR137FDP/FDMAl/Cu
DH-84WCAN…6.57-9.99GHz waveguide adapters1.2540*48*48R84WR112FBP/FBM/FBEAl/Cu
DH-100WCAN…8.20-12.4GHz waveguide adapters1.2538*41*41R100WR90FBP/FBM/FBEAl/Cu
DH-120WCAN…9.84-15.0GHz waveguide adapters1.2530*38*38R120WR75FBP/FBM/FBEAl/Cu
DH-140WCAN…11.9-18.0GHz waveguide adapters1.2527*33*33R140WR62FBP/FBM/FBEAl/Cu
DH-180WCAN…14.5-22.0GHz waveguide adapters1.2527*30*30R180WR51FBP/FBM/FBEAl/Cu

*Indicates Model Number. See Ordering Information for complete part number.

Diagram of Waveguide Adapters

end launch waveguide adapter
right angle waveguide adapter

Features of Waveguide Adapters

  • WR2300 to WR10

  • 1.25 Typical Max VSWR (VSWR varies with design)

  • Aluminum(6061) or Copper(OFHC) Waveguide Available

  • Male (J) and Female (K) connector available

  • Brass, Copper & Aluminium Options

  • Standard & Customized Flange Styles

  • More color painting available.

  • Perfect return loss and insertion loss available

Dolph Microwave offers customized unit design based on customer requirement. All microwave waveguide components from us are produced with the highest quality and performance. ISO9001 Quality System is ensured. All Adapters are painted flat black with standard.

Features of Waveguide Adapters

Applications of Waveguide Adapters

Applications of Waveguide Adapters

Waveguide to coax adapters, a type of mode transfer components between coaxial and waveguide, are composed of a waveguide component that fits the waveguide tubing and ends with a flange, and a coaxial probe assembly with a coaxial adapter and connection hardware. The standard waveguide to coax adapters are divided into right angle type and end launch type. 

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