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Characteristics and Common Issues of Double Ridged Waveguides

Dolph Microwave double ridged waveguide components are a type of waveguide component designed to meet broadband requirements that standard waveguide components cannot provide. It is a rectangular waveguide with a ridge on the top and bottom to provide lower impedance and wider bandwidth. Models include WRD1800, WRD750, WRD700, WRD650, WRD580, WRD475, WRD200, WRD180, etc. It has high performance, high quality, fast delivery, and low cost.

Ⅰ. Characteristics of double ridged waveguide components

The most obvious feature of the ridged waveguide is that they can be used for impedance matching because they reduce the characteristic impedance of the waveguide. In addition, relative to standard waveguide components, they will provide wider bandwidth. However, compared to standard waveguide components, they have lower power handling.

Therefore, choose according to your actual needs. It is mainly used in radar applications and can be regarded as a rectangular waveguide with a bent wide wall. The electromagnetic field mode is similar to a rectangular waveguide, but the field distribution is disturbed due to edge effects near the ridges.

Ⅱ. Choosing a double ridged waveguide

1. Waveguide type: WRD1800, WRD750, WRD700, WRD650, WRD580, WRD475, WRD200, WRD180, etc.

2. Flange: flat and grooved.

3. Color: white, black, gray, and others.

4. Size: standard or customized.

5. Treatment: silver-plated, gold-plated, chrome-plated.

6. Material: aluminum or copper.

Ⅲ. Common issues with double ridged waveguides

1. What are the applications of double ridged waveguide components?

Ridged waveguide components are characterized by wide bandwidth and low rough impedance, small size, and precise performance. They are available in copper and aluminum.

2. What are the main parameters needed when looking for double ridged waveguide components?

The main parameters of ridged waveguides are the cutoff wavelength of the main mode, the single-mode operating bandwidth of the ridged waveguide, the characteristic impedance of the ridged waveguide, the power capacity of the ridged waveguide, and the attenuation of the ridged waveguide.

3. What are the main advantages of ridged waveguides?

(1) Lower frequency than similar-sized non-ridged waveguides.

(2) Extended higher-order mode frequencies, advantageous in waveguide filter design.

(3) When increased power handling is required in a confined space, replace flat transmission lines.

(4) Wider bandwidth than rectangular waveguides allows for various "transmission lines," for example.

In addition to standard waveguide components, Dolph Microwave also provides double ridged waveguide components, including coaxial adapters, horn antennas, flexible waveguide and seamless waveguide, terminations, bends, straight and transition sections, switches, twists, rotating joints, couplers, and isolators. Custom requirements can also be met.

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