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Dolph Microwave
Waveguide Components In Radar And Electronic Warfare

We know the importance of security and reliability in creating the best radar and electronic warfare solutions. It covers Airborne X/Ku/Ka-band, Shipborne L/S/X/Ka-band, Land Based L/S/C/X/Ka-band. Among them, X-band and S-band are widely used in system. With our product and industrial microwave components, Secure and Reliable solution will be offered.

Waveguide Termination Load

In addition, Dolph Microwave creates detailed Radar and EW modeling components as well as designs and research the related simulations. We use high-fidelity simulations to show customers the capabilities to expect using our creative advanced, techniques and design approaches.

Waveguide Rotary Joints

The components can be used including antenna, microwave components. Weather radar is familiar for this application. Weather radar is a radar specially used for atmospheric detection. It belongs to the active microwave atmospheric remote sensing equipment.

Meteorological radar is one of the main detection tools for warning and forecasting medium and small scale weather systems (such as typhoons and heavy rain clouds). Meteorological radar is an important means of meteorological monitoring and plays an extremely important role in sudden and catastrophic monitoring, forecasting and warning.

Earth Station Antenna

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