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Installation of Satellite Communication Antennas

Installation and Fixing of Satellite Communication Antennas

When installing parabolic antenna, it is generally installed according to the structural drawing provided by the manufacturer. The antenna structures of various manufacturers are similar and basically the same. The reflector of the antenna structure has two types: integral and split (the reflector above 2M is basically split), and the stands mainly have two types (column stands are more common), and individual stands below 1.8m are horizontal stands.

Following are the basic installation steps of Sactom Antennas:

  • The horizontal stand of the satcom antenna for sale is mounted on the prepared base, leveled, and then fixed by fixing the iron wire and welding (the horizontal stand can be fixed only after the azimuth angle is adjusted).

  • Install azimuth tray and elevation adjustment screw.

  • According to the order, install the reinforcing bracket and reflector on the reflector tray. When the reflector is connected with the reflector, it can be slightly fixed, so that it can not be fastened temporarily. After all are installed, adjust the plate surface to be flat and then tighten all screws. Here, it is noted that some manufacturers of split-lobe reflectors can assemble them randomly in no order, but some three lobes have mounting points for mounting feed struts, and these three lobes must be mounted in three parts, otherwise, after the feed bracket is mounted, the reflection focus of the asymmetric feed and the antenna cannot overlap, which will affect the signal gain or even prevent the signal from being received. After the integrated reflector is mounted on the tray frame, the reflector can be directly mounted on the azimuth bracket.

  • Install the feed support and feed fixing plate.

  • Installation and adjustment of feed and tuner: the feed and tuner must be aligned with the rectangular waveguide opening connecting them, and the waveguide opening should be flat. A sealing ring should be added between the two waveguide openings and the screws should be tightened to prevent water seepage. Install the connected feed tuner on the feed fixing plate, and align it with the centre of the parabolic antenna to focus.

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安装抛物面天线时,一般按厂家提供结构图安装。各厂家的天线结构都是大同小异基本相同。天线的结构反射板有整体成形和分瓣两种(2M以上的反射板基本为分瓣),脚架主要有立柱脚架和三脚架两种(立柱脚架较为常见),个别一点八米以下脚架为卧式脚架。 以下是基本安装步骤: 卧式脚架装在已准备好的基座上,校正水平,然后坚固脚架铁丝及焊接固定(卧式脚架须先调好方位角后方可固定脚架)。 装上方位托盘和仰角调节螺杆。 依顺序将反射板的加强支架和反射板装在反射板托盘上,在反射板与反射板相联接时稍为固定即可暂不紧固,等全部装上后,调整板面平整再将全部螺丝坚固。这里 提起注意的是分瓣反射板有些厂家是无顺序的可随意拼装,但有些三瓣是有安装馈源支杆的安装点,这三瓣须三分安装在里面,否则馈源支架装上后不对称馈源与天线的反射焦点不能重合影响信号增益甚至收不到信号。整体成形的反射板装上托盘架后直接将反射板装在方位托架上即可。 装上馈源支架,馈源固定盘。 馈源、高频头的安装与调整:把馈源和高频头和连接其矩形波导口必须对准、对齐、波导口内则要平整,两波导口之间加密封圈,拧紧螺丝防止渗水,将连接好的馈源高频头装在馈源固定盘上,对准抛物面天线

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