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Industrial Microwave Coupler

Dolph Microwave manufactures Industrial Microwave Coupler covering a wide frequency range. Microwave components for industry microwave is 915 and 2450MHz. It is Multiple flange and coaxial connector types and configurations are available. It's ideal for RF microwave applications where high power sensing is desired. It features small volume, low VSWR, low frequency response and major waveguide bandwidth. The coupling level can be custom made ranging from 30 dB to 70 dB. The directivity is above 20 dB. Taking the WR340(2450MHz) for example.

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Ordering Guide of Industrial Microwave Coupler

Ordering Guide of Industrial Microwave Coupler

Datasheet of Industrial Microwave Coupler

WR340 Loop type Broadwall Directional Coupler
Electrical Specifications
ModelDH-26WHC... / DH-26WDHC... (WR340)
Frequency Range2450±50MHz
Coupling30/40/50/60 dB
Dir. (Typ.)22 dB
VSWR (Mainline)1.1:1
VSWR (Sec.)1.2:1
Main Insertion0.1 dB
Mechanical Specifications
Waveguide TypeWR340
Flange typeFDP26 (Cover)
Connector typeN Female
Inside finishChromate Conversion
Outside finishAnticorrosion Grey Paint

Diagram of Industrial Microwave Coupler

diagram of industrial microwave coupler 1
diagram of industrial microwave coupler 3
diagram of industrial microwave coupler 4
diagram of industrial microwave coupler 2

FAQs of Industrial Microwave Coupler

FAQs of Industrial Microwave Coupler

Explanation of Industrial Microwave Coupler

In a industry microwave system, it is often necessary to divide the microwave power of one channel into several channels in proportion, which is the problem of power distribution. The components that implement this function are called Industrial Microwave Coupler.

Application of Industrial Microwave Coupler

Industrial Microwave Coupler are commonly used for microwave measurements, power sampling, and frequency monitoring. It has the characteristics of small size, low standing wave ratio, low frequency response and large waveguide bandwidth.

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