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Flyaway Antenna

Dolph Microwave Flyaway Antenna System incorporates precision assembled reflector panels with our rugged designed for the efficient organization of high-speed communication channels in any places.

To ensure quality and performance, accuracy using the latest in laser measurement techniques reflector panels are inspected for R.M.S.

The flyaway satellite antenna is designed to meet international performance specifications for commercial or military applications and is readily available in Ka band frequencies. Multiple feed configurations are available. Diameter available in 0,.9, 1.0, 1.2, 1.8, 2.4 Meter etc.Taking 1.2 Meter with model DH 1.2 Meter QD Ext.Ka-band Antenna as example.

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Flyaway Satellite Antenna Ordering Guide

Ordering Guide of Flyaway Antenna

For custom satcom antenna with high quality and wide application, Contact Dolph Microwave.

Flyaway Satellite Antenna Datasheet

RF & Antenna Specifications

Ka-band Circular



Frequency, GHz



Mid-Band Gain, dBi






3dB Beam Width, deg



Noise Temperature

20 Deg Elevation, K


Typical G/T @ 10 Deg, dB/K


Axis Ratio (on Axis), dB



Tx Power Capability, W


Port to Port Isolation

Tx> Rx Rejection, dB


Cross-pol on Axis, dB



Insertion Loss, dB



Radiation Pattern Compliance

FCC 25.209, ITU-RS.580-6,

First sidelobe, dB

≤ -14

Sidelobe Envelope

29 - 25 log (1°≤θ<20°)

Feed Interface



Mechanical Specifications

Antenna Optics

Single Offset

Refector Aperture

1.2 Meters (3.9Feet)

Refector Material

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer

Reflector Panels

1-piece & 5-piece segmented Precision,

Elevation Travel

0 to 90 ° Continuous, (Coarse & Fine adjustment)

Azimuth Travel

30° Fine, 360° Continuous,  (Coarse & Fine adjustment)

Pol. Travel

±95°Continuous, Self Locking,

Shiping Case

2Case, Carbon fiber case airline checkable (IATA-compliant)


Size 1: 840*530*290mm

Size 2: 940*580*345mm

Weight: 17Kg (without BUC)

Environmental Performance

Operational Wind

47km/h (29mph) with ballast


-40° C to +50° C

Tightness class

IP65(Dust and Water Resistant)



Flyaway Satellite Antenna Diagram

Flyaway satellite antenna work by satellite as small earth base for communication. Mostly adopts offset strcuture to reduce the shelding of feed wavebeam. This manpack satcom antenna is high gain, low sidelobe, small size and light weight which is convenient for emergengy condition application due to easy stow and transportation.

The main components of this portable satcom antenna includes reflector, feed and mount. Feed is heart of antenna which is R&D ownself with high performance. And the feed support is integraty technology which just need few bolts to connect and fixed on antenna. In that way, the portable multiband antenna will guarantee the antenna performance well. Antenna reflector is carbon fiber skin and aluminum cellure inside structure for easy shaped. Antenna mount is selected A-E type structure which including Az and EL mechanism. This antenna carbon fiber used over 85% for all components. The compass are still integrated on antenna mount.

Flyaway antenna is designed and simulated under 8 level wind load as operational wind to guarantee antenna can bear the max wind load and worst weather comdition. 

diagram of flyaway antenna

Flyaway Satellite Antenna Features

  • 6-Piece Carbon fiber folding Reflector.

  • Pre-Assembled Tripod Base Mount w/Pull Pins.

  • Ku and Ka Band Feed Systems Available.

  • Sturdy Boom Accommodates Outdoor Units.

  • Adjustable Feet for Uneven Surfaces.

  • Optional Lightweight Cases for Easy Transportation.

  • 5 Minute Setup, No Tools Needed.

  • AZ, EL, Pol. (Coarse & fine adjustment) Angles to be engraved on the antenna,

Flyaway Satellite Antenna Features

Flyaway Satellite Antenna Details

Flyaway Satellite Antenna Details
  • Flyaway Antenna Inquiry Elements

  1. Antenna diameter: 1.0, 1.2, 1.8, 2.4 and more.

  2. Antenna type: Tx/Rx or Rx only.

  3. Frequency range: Ku-band, C-band, Ka-band, dual band or others.

  4. Polarization: Linear or circular.

  5. Material of reflector: Aluminum or carbon fiber.

  • Portable Satcom Antenna Advantages

This portable satcom antenna has the advantages of light weight, small size, easy assembly, easy disassembly, easy transportation and easy deployment. The opening of business is also an important means of communication for teleconferencing, telemedicine, emergency command, and disaster recovery.

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