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Dolph Microwave
Waveguide Components In Cellular Infrastructure

Because the signal coverage of each communication base station that constitutes the network coverage is hexagonal, the entire network is named like a honeycomb.

The cellular network mainly consists of the following three parts: mobile station, ground station antenna, base station subsystem, and network subsystem.

Satcom Antenna

A mobile station is our network terminal equipment, such as a mobile phone or some cellular industrial control equipment.

The base station subsystem includes the mobile base station, wireless transceiver equipment, private network, countless digital equipment and so on that we see every day. We can think of the base station subsystem as a translator between wireless and wired networks.

Satellite Communication Antenna

Dolph industrial microwave components can be used is satcom antenna, VSAT, point to point microwave covering various frequency range with different waveguide dimension.

Motorized Antenna

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