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Markets of Dolph Microwave's Waveguide Components

Markets of Dolph Microwave's Waveguide Components

Dolph Microwave, a manufacturer of World-Class Microwave Components & Antenna Feed Systems, offers components and integrated solution for customer worldwide. Short delivery and accurate production will be offered based on reliable equipment and experience.


Microwave components and satcom antenna for sale are mainly for Radar, Telecommunication, Military&Space, Aerospace, Defense, Warfare and Industrial microwave etc. It has high performance, high accuracy and precision device requirement.


With Dolph Microwave industrial microwave components, you will enjoy a satisfy solution and system experience. Hope our product will bring you more in future.

Waveguide Components In Test and Measurement
Test and Measurement
Dolph Microwave Test and Measurement are mainly using precision type components with perfect VSWR, insertion loss and RF parameter.
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Waveguide Components In Research And Academia
Research and Academia
Research and Academia are often related to components out of standard which is fresh or new develop components.
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Waveguide Components In Radar And Electronic Warfare
Radar and Electronic Warfare
Dolph Microwave is experienced in a broad product portfolio that addresses the needs for every radar sub-system block.
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Waveguide Components In Cellular Infrastructure
Cellular Infrastructure
The cellular network, also known as the mobile network, is a mobile communication hardware architecture, which is divided into an analog cellular network and a digital cellular network.
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Waveguide Components In Metrology
Metrology is an essential progress for the microwave components.
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