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Dolph Microwave Frequency Bands

The frequency range from 1 GHz to over 100 GHz can been divided into a number of frequency bands, each represented by a letter such as C, Ku, Ka or V band etc. The different frequency band with matched letter is as below. you can see tables with details on each letter band. learn more about it and find products is easy to do based on table below.

Letter DesignationFrequency RangeWavelength Range
L band1 to 2 GHz15 cm to 30 cm
S band2 to 4 GHz7.5 cm to 15 cm
C band4 to 8 GHz3.75 cm to 7.5 cm
X band8 to 12 GHz25 cm to 37.5 cm
Ku band12 to 18 GHz16.7 mm to 25 mm
K band18 to 26.5 GHz11.3 mm to 16.7 mm
Ka band26.5 to 40 GHz5.0 mm to 11.3 mm
Q band33 to 50 GHz6.0 mm to 9.0 mm
U band40 to 60 GHz5.0 mm to 7.5 mm
V band50 to 75 GHz4.0 mm to 6.0 mm
W band75 to 110 GHz2.7 mm to 4.0 mm
F band90 to 110 GHz2.1 mm to 3.3 mm
D band110 to 170 GHz1.8 mm to 2.7 mm

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