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Waveguide Phase Shifter

Dolph Microwave manufactures a high quality line of waveguide phase shifter, which is utilize hybrid design, making it ideal for high power and low loss. The phase shift is approximately linear with dial rotation, but not frequency. which can change the phase of the signal in the waveguide transmission system within the range of 0 to 360°. Please call us with your specification and discuss your needs with one of our sales engineers. Taking WR112 type as reference.

waveguide phase shifters in microwave

Ordering Guide of Waveguide Phase Shifter

Ordering Guide of Waveguide Phase Shifter

Datasheet of Waveguide Phase Shifter

WR112 High Power Waveguide Phase Shifters

Electrical Specifications



Frequency Range

6.57-9.99 GHz waveguide phase shifter

Operation Bandwidth




Handling Power

1100 W

Insertion Loss

0.3 dB

Phase shift

0-360° (Continuous)

Mechanical Specifications

Waveguide Type

WR112 waveguide phase shifter

Flange type




Inside finish

Conductive oxidation/Silver Plating


0.6 Kg

Temperature Range


Outside finish

Anticorrosion Grey Paint

Diagram of Waveguide Phase Shifter

outline drawing of waveguide phase shifter
flange drawing of waveguide phase shifter

FAQs of Waveguide Phase Shifter

FAQs of Waveguide Phase Shifter
  • Introduction of Waveguide Phase Shifter

In microwave solutions, phase shifters are passive microwave devices that change the phase angle of an RF signal. RF waves can combine to strengthen or weaken a signal, depending on if the waves are identical or different. Identical frequencies will strengthen a signal, whereas opposing ones will weaken it.

  • Application of Waveguide Phase Shifter

Phase shifters are critical components in many RF and microwave systems. Applications include controlling the relative phase of each element in phased array antennas in radar or steerable communication links, and cancellation loops used in highly linear amplifiers.

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