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Microwave Diplexers

Waveguide diplexer is used to send and receive channel design for the device, it can ensure sending and receiving frequency loss, also can ensure the isolation between the sending and receiving channel. For more product information, please call us and discuss with one of our sales engineers.

wave guide diplexers
waveguide diplexers

Ordering Guide of Microwave Diplexers

Ordering Guide of Microwave Diplexers

Datasheet of Waveguide Diplexer

Model No*WGPass BandVSWRIL(dB)IsolationWG TypeMaterial

▪ Indicates Model Number. See Ordering Information for complete part number.

▪ VSWR refers to 30% of waveguide bandwidth.

Diagram of Waveguide Diplexer

diagram of waveguide diplexer

FAQs of Waveguide Diplexer

FAQs of Waveguide Diplexer
  • Definition of Waveguide Diplexer

It is a three-port network that splits the input signal from the common port into two paths based on frequency. Ensure that both receiving and transmitting can work normally at the same time. The simplest form of multiplexer is a duplexer, which divides a signal from a common port into many different paths.

  • Role of Waveguide Diplexer

A duplexer is a device that separates or combines high and low frequencies. Each duplexer has a low pass cutoff frequency, below which signals are routed from the common port to the low pass port, and a high pass cutoff frequency, above which signals are routed from the common port to the high pass port. It is a three-port passive (RF) filter component that shares a common antenna between two different frequency bands. This technology allows transmitters operating on different frequencies to use the same antenna, and each band can transmit and/or receive.

Other antenna feeds with high quality and wide applications.

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