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Waveguide Limiters

Dolph Microwave manufactures a high quality line of waveguide limiters ranging from WR284 to WR 28 from 2.55GHz to 35.65 GHz. Using standard waveguide flange, the product has high power handling, low limiting threshold, low leakage level and miniature sizes. Please call us with your specification and discuss your needs with one of our sales engineers. Taking WR90 type as example below.

waveguide in microwave engineering

Ordering Guide of Waveguide Limiters

Ordering Guide of Waveguide Limiters

Datasheet of Waveguide Limiters

WR90 Waveguide Limiters

Electrical Specifications



Frequency Range

9.3-9.8 GHz


500 MHz


1.2:1 Max.

3dB Recovery Time

0.8 μs

Insertion Loss

1.0 dB

Spike Leakage

17 dBm

Average Power

50 W

Peak Power

500 W

Pulse Width

100 μs

Duty Cycle


Input / Output Flange


Shock/Vibration (MIL-STD-810F)





Al / CU

Outside Finish

Anticorrosion black paint

Operating Temp.


Altitude (MIL-STD-810F)

Max 3000 Feet

Dimensions (L*W*H)

52.7*57*42 mm


800 g

Diagram of Waveguide Limiters

diagram of waveguide limiters 1
diagram of waveguide limiters 2
diagram of waveguide limiters 3

FAQs of Waveguide Limiter

FAQs of Waveguide Limiter
  • Difference Between Limiter and Attenuator

The main difference between the two circuits lies in the fact that the attenuator reduces the power signal by a predetermined ratio while the power limiter tends clipping incident signal below a threshold power.

  • Application of Waveguide Limiter

Waveguide limiters are protector structures. Waveguide limiters protect the receiver circuits from high power microwave signals. Commonly used for input protection of electronic components in front end protection for LNA's, power leveling (limiting), receiver protection, radar & EW system and high-frequency instruments.

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