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Motorized Quick Deploy Antenna

Dolph Microwave quick-deploy motorized antenna system manufactured is a relocatable rapid deployment complex with automatic guidance. Incorporates precision assembled carbon fiber reflector panels for the efficient organization of high-speed communication channels in any places provide high-speed satellite communications. Diameter available in 1.0, 1.2, 1.8, 2.4 Meter etc. Taking 1.8 Meter with model DH 1.8 Meter QDM Ka-band Antenna as example.

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Ordering Guide of Motorized Quick Deploy Antenna

Ordering Guide of Motorized Quick Deploy Antenna

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Datasheet of Motorized Quick Deploy Antenna

RF & Antenna Specifications

Ka-band /Circular-Pol



Frequency, GHz



Mid-Band Gain, dBi






Noise Temperature

20 Deg Elevation, K

30 Deg Elevation, K



Axis Ration, dB



Tx Power Capability, W


Port to Port Isolation

Tx> Rx Rejection, dB


Insertion Loss, dB



Radiation Pattern Compliance

FCC 25.209, ITU-RS.580-6,

First sidelobe, dB

≤ -14

Sidelobe Envelope

29 - 25 log (1°≤θ<20°)

Feed Interface



Mechanical Specifications

Antenna Optics

Dual Offset

Refector Aperture

1.8 Meters (5 Feet)

Refector Material

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer

Reflector Panels

1-piece & 5-piece segmented

Surface Accuracy (RMS)

0.35 mm

Elevation Travel

5° to 80° Continuous,

Azimuth Travel

±195° Continuous,

Pol. Travel

±95°Continuous, Self Locking,

Travel Speed

AZ Axial: 0.1~3°/s

EL Axial: 0.1~1°/s

POL Axial: 0.1~3°/s

Power Supply

220 VAC±10%, 50Hz±2Hz

System Consumption

≤600 W (excluding BUC. LNB)

Shiping Case

4 Case, airline checkable (IATA-compliant)

System Weight

≤81Kg (excluding BUC. LNB. packaging and accessories etc)

Environmental Performance

Operational Wind

39 km/h (24 mph) with ballast

Survival Wind

72 km/h (44 mph) with ballast


-40° C to +50° C

Tightness class

IP65(Dust and Water Resistant)



Diagram of Motorized Quick Deploy Antenna

diagram of motorized quick deploy antenna

Features of Motorized Quick Deploy Antenna

  • Carbon fiber folding Reflector

  • Replaceable Ku, C, Ka-band irradiates

  • Minimum deployment time- no more than 20 minutes

  • Automatic search, guidance and auto tracking of spacecraft

  • Including a search and pointing mode at the press of a button

  • All equipment is placed in aviation cases

  • Light Net weight

  • High speed and accuracy control and tracking

Features of Motorized Quick Deploy Antenna

Explanation of Motorized Quick Deploy Antenna

Explanation of Motorized Quick Deploy Antenna

Motorized quick deploy antenna is divided into auto-pointing antenna and drive away antnena. The difference is auto-point antenna is controlled by hand holder but drive away antenna is operated by controller. The satellite alignment steps include: coarse alignment, fine alignment, antenna pointing deviation monitoring, automatic satellite tracking, and the automatic satellite tracking process includes fast star tracking and steady star tracking.

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