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Dolph Microwave
Waveguide Components In Research And Academia

Dolph Microwave Research and Academia includes many components like Multi-band feed, Industrial microwave and waveguide array antenna.

Multi-band feed particularly inlcudes C&Ku dual band, S/X dual band, Ku/Ka dual band and X/Ka dual band. 

Waveguide Diplexer

For the industrial microwave components, it is mainly related to heating system including components 2450MHz and 915Mhz mode converter antenna, 3 stub tunner, transition, pressure window and magnetron cavity.

Industrial Microwave Components

Slotted array antenna is divided into travelling wave antenna and standard horn antenna.

Slotted Waveguide Antenna

All the components selection is based on customer detailed requirement. It can be covered with different frequency range with corresponding waveguide size. Or it still can be customized based on specific parameter, dimension and performance requirement.

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