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Waveguide Components In Metrology

Antenna anechoic chamber is a kind of measuring instrument used in the field of electronics and communication technology. It is for antenna far-field pattern and radar cross section testing. 

Waveguide Calibration Kits

Normally our components been used included waveguide horn antenna, Calibration kits, attenuator in microwave engineering. Both standard frequency range, double ridged or some other customized requirement all can be realized. It has the features High accuracy, low uncertainty, Eliminate errors and improve accuracy, thereby ensuring the reliability of measurement results in scientific research and production; 

Waveguide Attenuators

It is necessary to ensure the uniformity and legality of microwave quantity. That is to use the most advanced theory and technology. Microwave metering occupies a special and important position in high frequency and microwave frequency bands. If any special requirement or other needed, please inform for checking. 7/24 service is offered to meet customer requirement urgently.

Horn Antennas

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