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Double Ridged Waveguide Adapters

Waveguide to coaxial adapter series products with wide frequency band, specifications varieties complete, voltage standing wave ratio and low insertion loss, frequency range: 0.3 ~ 110 GHz, bandwidth in the waveguide is 1.25 and 10% or less bandwidth in the low voltage standing wave ratio of 1.15 or less performance, According to the structure form and divided into Orthogonal structure(Right Angle), End - launch and high power type. Taking high power type as example below.

coaxial to waveguide adapter

Double Ridged Waveguide To Coax Adapter Ordering Guide

Ordering Guide of Double Ridged Waveguide Adapters

  • Flange type: Multiple types available - see Dolph Microwave Flanges page.

  • Finish: Corrosion protection plus black top coat.

Double Ridged Waveguide To Coax Adapter Datasheet

Product modelFrequency (GHz)VSWRIL (dB)Connect or typeAverage power (W)FlangeMaterialCoated

Double Ridged Waveguide To Coax Adapter Diagram

Double Ridged Waveguide To Coax Adapter Diagram
Double Ridged Waveguide To Coax Adapter Diagram

Double Ridged Waveguide To Coax Adapter FAQs

Double Ridged Waveguide To Coax Adapter FAQs
  • Description of Double-Ridged Waveguide Adapters

Most of the signal transmission in the field of RF and microwave requires transmission lines for signal transmission, in which coaxial lines and waveguides are widely used to transmit microwave RF energy. There are huge differences in size, material, and transmission characteristics between the two transmission lines. Therefore, a double ridge waveguide to coaxial adapter is required to interconnect the two transmission lines.

The double-ridge waveguide to coaxial adapters provides broadband capability in a very compact form and allows transmission of power in either direction with very low reflection. It plays an indispensable role in various radar systems, precision guidance systems, and test equipment.

  • Application of Double Ridged Waveguide Adapters

The double ridge waveguide to coaxial adapters is used to provide transmission between microwave devices and a coaxial component such as an attenuator, switches, or couplers. Thede microwave waveguide components are commonly used in satellite and terrestrial communications equipment.

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