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Type of Standard Waveguide Components

Waveguide components: Waveguide adapters

Dolph Microwave manufactures a wide range of waveguide coaxial adapters, covering all waveguide frequency ranges from WR2300 to WR10 and applicable to most standard coaxial adapter types.

In addition, as a professional waveguide components supplier, Dolph Microwave still offers precision types with nearly perfect VSWR and low insertion loss, with groove, flat, wedge and custom flange options available.

Waveguide components: Waveguide terminations

Dolph Microwave's standard low-power terminal product series utilizes precision cone load components to achieve optimal electrical performance. The series of terminals is designed for low input power. Within the entire waveguide bandwidth, the VSWR is less than 1.05. It is divided into false loads (low power), high power loads, and water loads, etc.

Waveguide components: Waveguide couplers

Dolph Microwave produces waveguide directional couplers covering a wide frequency range from WR2300 to WR10. The waveguide couplers have 3 or 4 port configurations. Standard coupling values are 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 decibels, with minimum directivity of 18 decibels. The compactness of waveguide couplers is suitable for applications where space is very valuable and directional is not the primary consideration. There are models with a combination of waveguide and coaxial ports. Special multi-port waveguide couplers can be manufactured to meet specific customer requirements.

Note: Wide wall type and annular type are optional.

Waveguide components: Waveguide attenuators

Dolph Microwave provides a range of waveguide attenuators. Typical attenuation values are 3dB, 6dB, 10dB, 20dB, and 30dB (other available attenuation values, please consult the sales engineer for details). The component structure includes a precision component that achieves optimal electrical performance, but please note that the relationship between attenuation and frequency may vary greatly due to the attenuation at a given frequency.

Note: Low-power fixed attenuators and variable waveguide attenuator types are still available.

Waveguide components: Waveguide straight sections and transitions

Dolph Microwave offers a standard product line of straight waveguide and waveguide transitions covering sizes from WR10 to WR2300 and with different lengths and flange requirements. We also offer other special configurations to meet specific customer requirements. Additional sizes, extensions, and custom design configurations are available on request.

Waveguide components: Waveguide bends

Dolph Microwave offers a standard product line of waveguide bends. It is divided into scanning bends and oblique bends, covering waveguide sizes from WR10 to WR770. According to the system application, all products can provide E-type and H-type bends. Multi-angle, additional dimensions, configurations, and combinations can be provided according to requirements.

Waveguide components: Waveguide switches

Waveguide switches are commonly used to change the signal path in waveguide transmission systems. Generally, they can be divided into two types: electric and manual, according to the driving mode; according to the structural classification, they can be divided into sub-E-type and H-type waveguide switches, rectangular waveguide switches and dual-ridge waveguide switches. The DH series models cover frequencies from 2.60 GHz to 110GHz. They have high stability, good accuracy, and fast response.

Waveguide components: Flexible waveguide

Dolph Microwave produces high-quality flexible twistable/un-twistable waveguide tubing designed to meet all your requirements. These components are made of spiral-wound waveguide cores and provide additional mechanical support with various protective sleeves.

Flexible waveguide is part of the feeder line and, compared to rigid waveguide, not only reduces connection difficulties but also maintains connection accuracy. The rectangular flexible waveguide has E-bending and H-bending functions, including twisting function.

Waveguide components: Waveguide pressure windows

Dolph Microwave provides a standard product line of waveguide pressure windows, covering frequencies from 0.3 to 110 GHz. Standard rectangular waveguide ranges from BJ3 to BJ900, with typical VSWR of 1.25 over the entire waveguide bandwidth and typical insertion loss of 0.2 dB.

As one of the leading waveguide suppliers in China, Dolph Microwave also provides quality custom microwave components for customers all over the world. Feel free to contact us for more info.

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