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Datasheet of Different Waveguide Sizes

Waveguides is a type of feed line for high frequency signals delivery deliver microwave energy which is lower loss than coaxial cables and are used in microwave communications, industrial microwave, radars, defense and other high frequency applications. The cross section of waveguide is based on the frequency, which size is to fit one complete wavelength of the signal and cover the frequency range.

Three types of waveguides are available from its geometrically shape including Rectangular Waveguides, Double Rigid Waveguide and Circular Waveguides. The details for each type with its waveguide sizes and features.

Rectangular Waveguide Sizes

Rectangular Waveguide Sizes

Waveguide name

Recommended frequencyCutoff frequencyCutoff frequencyInner dimensions of waveguide opening
lowest order modenext mode

A inch[mm]B inch[mm]
WR2300WG0.0R30.32 to 0.45 GHz0.257 GHz0.513 GHz23 [584.2]11.5 [292.1]
WR2100WG0R40.35 to 0.50 GHz0.281 GHz0.562 GHz21 [533.4]10.5 [266.7]
WR1800WG1R50.45 to 0.63 GHz0.328 GHz0.656 GHz18 [457.2]9 [228.6]
WR1500WG2R60.50 to 0.75 GHz0.393 GHz0.787 GHz15 [381]7.5 [190.5]
WR1150WG3R80.63 to 0.97 GHz0.513 GHz1.026 GHz11.5 [292.1]5.75 [146.05]
WR975WG4R90.75 to 1.15 GHz0.605 GHz1.211 GHz9.75 [247.65]4.875 [123.825]
WR770WG5R120.97 to 1.45 GHz0.766 GHz1.533 GHz7.7 [195.58]3.85 [97.79]
WR650WG6R141.15 to 1.72 GHz0.908 GHz1.816 GHz6.5 [165.1]3.25 [82.55]
WR510WG7R181.45 to 2.20 GHz1.157 GHz2.314 GHz5.1 [129.54]2.55 [64.77]
WR430WG8R221.72 to 2.60 GHz1.372 GHz2.745 GHz4.3 [109.22]2.15 [54.61]

2.20 to 3.30 GHz1.686 GHz3.372 GHz3.5 [88.9]1.75 [44.45]
WR340WG9AR262.20 to 3.30 GHz1.736 GHz3.471 GHz3.4 [86.36]1.7 [43.18]
WR284WG10R322.60 to 3.95 GHz2.078 GHz4.156 GHz2.84 [72.136]1.34 [34.036]

3.30 to 4.90 GHz2.488 GHz4.976 GHz2.372 [60.2488]1.122 [28.4988]
WR229WG11AR403.30 to 4.90 GHz2.577 GHz5.154 GHz2.29 [58.166]1.145 [29.083]
WR187WG12R483.95 to 5.85 GHz3.153 GHz6.305 GHz1.872 [47.5488]0.872 [22.1488]
WR159WG13R584.90 to 7.05 GHz3.712 GHz7.423 GHz1.59 [40.386]0.795 [20.193]
WR137WG14R705.85 to 8.20 GHz4.301 GHz8.603 GHz1.372 [34.8488]0.622 [15.7988
WR112WG15R847.05 to 10 GHz5.26 GHz10.52 GHz1.122 [28.4988]0.497 [12.6238]

7.00 to 11 GHz5.786 GHz11.571 GHz1.02 [25.908]0.51 [12.954]
WR90WG16R1008.20 to 12.40 GHz6.557 GHz13.114 GHz0.9 [22.86]0.4 [10.16]
WR75WG17R12010.00 to 15 GHz7.869 GHz15.737 GHz0.75 [19.05]0.375 [9.525]
WR62WG18R14012.40 to 18 GHz9.488 GHz18.976 GHz0.622 [15.7988]0.311 [7.8994]
WR51WG19R18015.00 to 22 GHz11.572 GHz23.143 GHz0.51 [12.954]0.255 [6.477]
WR42WG20R22018.00 to 26.50 GHz14.051 GHz28.102 GHz0.42 [10.668]0.17 [4.318]
WR34WG21R26022.00 to 33 GHz17.357 GHz34.715 GHz0.34 [8.636]0.17 [4.318]
WR28WG22R32026.50 to 40 GHz21.077 GHz42.154 GHz0.28 [7.112]0.14 [3.556]
WR22WG23R40033.00 to 50 GHz26.346 GHz52.692 GHz0.224 [5.6896]0.112 [2.8448]
WR19WG24R50040.00 to 60 GHz31.391 GHz62.782 GHz0.188 [4.7752]0.094 [2.3876]
WR15WG25R62050.00 to 75 GHz39.875 GHz79.75 GHz0.148 [3.7592]0.074 [1.8796]
WR12WG26R74060 to 90 GHz48.373 GHz96.746 GHz0.122 [3.0988]0.061 [1.5494]
WR10WG27R90075 to 110 GHz59.015 GHz118.03 GHz0.1 [2.54]0.05 [1.27]
WR8WG28R120090 to 140 GHz73.768 GHz147.536 GHz0.08 [2.032]0.04 [1.016]
WR6WG29R1400110 to 170 GHz90.791 GHz181.583 GHz0.065 [1.651]0.0325 [0.8255]
WR7WG29R1400110 to 170 GHz90.791 GHz181.583 GHz0.065 [1.651]0.0325 [0.8255]
WR5WG30R1800140 to 220 GHz115.714 GHz231.429 GHz0.051 [1.2954]0.0255 [0.6477]
WR4WG31R2200172 to 260 GHz137.243 GHz274.485 GHz0.043 [1.0922]0.0215 [0.5461]
WR3WG32R2600220 to 330 GHz173.571 GHz347.143 GHz0.034 [0.8636]0.017 [0.4318]

WR2300 waveguide Sizes

WR2300 waveguide stands out as a leading manufacturer providing a comprehensive range of high-power, low-frequency rigid and flexible waveguide products and accessories, all adhering to the IEC standard R3. The waveguide's specifications include dimensions of 23 inches x 11.5 inches, with a frequency range spanning from 0.32 to 0.45 GHz.

Primarily employed as an electromagnetic feed line for high-frequency signals, WR2300 waveguide excels in transmitting microwave energy with minimal losses. Its applications extend to high-power microwave components, notably UHF band microwave circulators. The waveguide is a key player in microwave engineering, contributing to the seamless operation of various devices.

Specific products within the WR2300 waveguide portfolio include standard gain horn antennas, antenna mounts conforming to IEC R3 standards, rigid rectangular waveguides in various lengths, low-power terminations for matched port requirements, and waveguide to coaxial adapters with high RF performance. Additionally, the waveguide flanges (2300-FDP3) operate within the frequency range of 0.32-0.49 GHz.

Whether used in military, aerospace, or commercial applications, the WR2300 waveguide to coaxial adapters exhibits versatility and reliability. The option for half-height waveguide or coaxial line further enhances the flexibility of the WR2300 waveguide, catering to diverse needs in microwave communication systems. In essence, WR2300 waveguide emerges as a go-to solution for those seeking cutting-edge technology in waveguide products for high-frequency signal transmission.

WR2300 waveguide components

waveguide adapters

waveguide couplers

waveguide straights

waveguide tubing

Double Ridge Waveguide Sizes

Double Ridge Waveguide Sizes

Double-ridge waveguides are rectangular waveguides with two ridges protruding parallel to the short wall. It is used to solve the wide band requirement which is exceed standard waveguide size with corresponding covered frequency range.

DesignationfL - fU*fCO**InsideInside
(a)=aluminum, (b)=brass, (c)=copper, (s)=silver
WRU.S. Mil.BritishIEC
__ /UMil.
WR975RG204 (a)

WR770RG205 (a)

WR650RG69 (b)WG6
RG103 (a)

WR430RG104 (b)WG8
RG105 (a)
WR340RG112 (b)WG9A
RG113 (a)
WR284RG48 (b)WG10
RG75 (a)
WR229RG340 (c)WG11AR403.30-4.902.5772.291.145
RG341 (a)
WR187RG49 (b)WG12R483.95-5.85-3.1521.8720.872
RG95 (a)
WR159RG343 (c)WG13R584.90-7.053.7121.590.795
RG344 (a)
WR137RG50 (b)WG14R705.850-8.2004.3011.3720.622
RG106 (a)
WR112RG51 (b)WG15R847.050-10.0005.261.1220.497
RG68 (a)
WR90RG52 (b)WG16R1008.20-12.406.560.90.4
RG67 (a)
WR75RG346 (c)WG17
RG347 (a)
WR62RG91 (b)WG18
RG349 (a)
WR51RG352 (c)WG19
RG351 (a)
WR42RG53 (b)WG20
RG121 (a)
WR34RG354 (c)

WR28RG96 (s)WG22
RG271 (c)
WR22RG97 (s)WG23
WR15RG98 (s)WG25
WR12RG99 (s)WG26
WR8RG138 (s)WG28
WR7RG136 (s)


WR3RG139 (s)


Dolph Double Ridge Waveguide

Circular Waveguide Sizes

Frequency BandFrequency Range

Circular Waveguide

Diameter, Inches (mm)

Cover Flange (Brass) MIL-F-3922 UGFlange Type
XLOW8.2-9.971.094 (27.79)53-001 UG-39/USquare

MID8.5-11.60.938 (23.83)

HIGH9.97-12.40.797 (20.24)

KuLOW12.4-15.90.688 (17.48)53-005 UG-1666/USquare

MID13.4-18.00.594 (15.08)

HIGH15.9-18.00.500 (12.70)

KLOW17.5-20.50.455 (11.56)54-001 UG-595/USquare

MID20-24.50.396 (10.06)

HIGH24-26.50.328 (8.33)

KaLOW26.5-330.315 (8.00)54-003 UG-595/USquare

MID33-38.50.250 (6.35)

HIGH38.5-400.219 (5.56)

QLOW33-38.50.250 (6.35)67B-006 UG-383/URound

MID38.5-430.219 (5.56)

HIGH43-500.188 (4.78)

ULOW40-430.210 (5.33)67B-007 UG-383/U-MRound

MID43-500.188 (4.78)

HIGH50-600.165 (4.19)

VLOW50-580.165 (4.19)67B-008 UG-385/URound

MID58-680.141 (3.58)

HIGH68-750.125 (3.18)

ELOW60-660.136 (3.45)67B-009 UG-387/URound

MID66-820.125 (3.18)

HIGH82-900.094 (2.39)

WLOW75-880.112 (2.84)67B-010 UG-387/U-MRound

HIGH88-1100.094 (2.39)

FLOW90-1150.089 (2.26)-UG-387/U-MRound

HIGH115-1400.075 (1.91)

DLOW110-1400.073 (1.85)-UG-387/U-MRound

HIGH140-1600.059 (1.50)

GLOW140-1800.058 (1.47)-UG-387/U-MRound

HIGH180-2200.045 (1.14)

------170-2600.049 (1.25)-UG-387/U-MRound
------220-3250.039 (0.99)-UG-387/U-MRound

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