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Microwave Fixed Attenuator

Dolph Microwave offers a series of rectangular microwave fixed attenuator. Typical Attenuation values are 3dB, 6dB, 10dB, 20dB and 30dB (other attenuation values available, consult sales engineers for details). The assembly construction includes a precision element for optimum electrical performance, but note that Attenuation vs. Frequency can vary greatly depending on the attenuation at a given frequency. For more, please contact.

Note: Low power microwave fixed attenuator and variable waveguide attenuator types are still available

Dolph microwave fixed attenuator
Dolph microwave fixed attenuator
Dolph microwave fixed attenuator

Microwave Waveguide Fixed Attenuators Ordering Guide

Ordering Guide of Waveguide Attenuators

  • Flange type: Multiple types available - see Dolph Microwave Flanges page

  • Finish: Corrosion protection plus black top coat

For precision waveguide components, contact Dolph Microwave.

Different Dolph Microwave waveguide fixed attenuator types in microwave engineering

Dolph Microwave, a leader in microwave engineering, offers different types of waveguide fixed attenuators to address varying needs in signal management. The company excels in crafting waveguide fixed attenuators with precision and reliability.

Fixed Low Power Attenuator: Dolph's Fixed Low Power Attenuators provide a constant level of signal loss that cannot be altered. This straightforward design is suitable for applications where a consistent level of attenuation is required.

Fixed Low Power Precision Attenuator: Dolph's Fixed Low Power Precision Attenuators maintain a fixed and precise level of signal loss. These microwave fixed attenuators incorporate high-precision elements, ensuring accuracy and reliability in applications where precision is paramount.

Fixed High Power Precision Attenuator: Tailored for high-power applications, Dolph's Fixed High Power Precision Attenuators utilize precision elements to deliver optimal electrical performance even at elevated power levels. This makes them ideal for demanding scenarios where power handling capabilities are crucial.

Continuously Variable Attenuator (CVA): Dolph's Continuously Variable Attenuators, also known as CVA, provide flexibility with adjustable signal loss. Users can modify the attenuation level using mechanical adjustment screws, knobs, or dials, making them versatile for applications that require dynamic signal control.

Dolph Microwave's comprehensive range of waveguide fixed attenuators reflects the company's commitment to providing tailored solutions for diverse requirements for microwave fixed attenuator in microwave engineering, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in various applications.

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Dolph Microwave fixed attenuator in microwave engineering

Datasheet of Waveguide Microwave Fixed Attenuators

Model No*Freq RangeVSWR (Max)PowerAttenuation** (dB)WG TypeFlangeMaterial
DH-40WHPFA3.22-4.90GHz microwave fixed attenuator1.210-40003-60R40WR229FDP/FDMAl/Cu
DH-48WHPFA…5.4-5.9GHz microwave fixed attenuator1.2510-40003-60R48WR187FDP/FDMAl/Cu
DH-70WHPFA…5.85-7.025GHz microwave fixed attenuator1.210-40003-60R70WR137FDP/FDMAl/Cu
DH-100WHPFA8.5-9.6GHz microwave fixed attenuator1.110-30003-60R100WR90FBP/FBMAl/Cu
DH-120WHPFA9.84-15.0GHz microwave fixed attenuator1.1510-30003-60R120WR75FBP/FBMAl/Cu
DH-140WHPFA14.5-15.5GHz microwave fixed attenuator1.2510-30003-60R140WR62FBP/FBMAl/Cu
DH-320WHPFA26.3-40.0GHz microwave fixed attenuator1.2510-30003-60R320WR28FBP/FBMAl/Cu
DH-400WHPFA32.9-50.1GHz microwave fixed attenuator1.2510-10003-60R400WR22FBP/FBMAl/Cu
DH-500WHPFA39.2-59.6GHz microwave fixed attenuator1.2510-10003-60R500WR19FBP/FBMAl/Cu
DH-620WHPFA49.8-75.8GHz microwave fixed attenuator1.2510-6003-60R620WR15FBP/FBMAl/Cu
DH-740WHPFA60.5-91.9GHz microwave fixed attenuator1.2510-6003-60R740WR12FBP/FBMAl/Cu
DH-320WHPFA73.8-110.0GHz microwave fixed attenuator1.2510-6003-60R900WR10FBP/FBMAl/Cu

*Indicates Model Number. See Ordering Information for complete part number.

** Nominal Attenuation Accuracy: ± 0.5dB Frequency Sensitivity: ± 0.7dB

Diagram of Waveguide Microwave Fixed Attenuators

Waveguide Attenuators In Microwave Engineering

Features of Waveguide Microwave Fixed Attenuators

  • Waveguide size: WR650 to WR22

  • Attenuation: 3dB, 6dB, 10dB, 20dB and 30dB or others

  • Frequency response: ±0.6dB or other based on requirement

  • Attentuator type: fixed and variable type

  • Power handling: Low power, medium power and high power

  • Cooling type: Water cooled, oil-cooled or other customized type

  • Surface color: Black, white, blue, green, or you want

  • Material: Al/Cu

Features of Waveguide Microwave Fixed Attenuators

Application of Waveguide Microwave Fixed Attenuators

Application of Waveguide Microwave Fixed Attenuators

Microwave attenuators, passive waveguide components, are for controlling microwave power amount transferred from one point to another on a microwave transmission line. Based on detailed requirements, there're 2 options. Whatever power is coming if you want to attenuate either the energy is reflected or consumed. The energy has absorbed the energy in some dissipative components. For microwave region applications, there are 2 types including fixed and variable, fixed means a fixed attenuation will always be offered from the device and variable obviously means it can change as many attenuations you want.

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