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Dolph Microwave
Satcom Turnkey Solution

Dolph Microwave has a wide experience for satcom system. Satcom antenna is just a part of components required for satcom system. With our highly experienced team possess all relevant requirement through all systems progress as well as a long-term experience to integrate these field are available in house.

Antenna Used In Satellite Communication

Application of Satcom Antenna

Satcom antenna is widely used for Telecommunication, Broadcast, Aerospace and Defense. Dolph Microwave will offer customer a whole solution experience from Design, Engineering, Delivery, Installation, Commissioning and Traning. Contact satcom antenna for sale from Dolph Microwave.

Antenna Used For Satellite Communication

Dolph's Service for Satcom Turnkey Solution

In Dolph Microwave, not only the single product will be offered to solve partial of customer requirement. But a reliable and integrated solution will be offered with our components including satcom antnena, industrial microwave components, test and debug details and helpful guidance of installation site. Together with required satcom antenna, the system required waveguide components will still be recommended for customer. Namely, customer will enjoy complete solution with the offered components. Any further info. or requirement, please inform or contact directly.

Satcom Antenna Design

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