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Working Principle and Common Problems of Industrial Microwave Components

Industrial Microwave Components, also known as microwave energy, are electromagnetic waves composed of alternating electric and magnetic fields (with different frequencies and wavelengths such as radio waves, visible light, infrared and ultraviolet). The alternating electric fields in microwaves are part of what stirs water molecules, which are used to heat and manufacture diamonds.

The working principle of Industrial Microwave Components

Although microwave energy is primarily used for the thermal processing of commercial food to eradicate bacteria, many materials are processed through microwave heating, and not just for the next meal.

In agriculture, microwave energy is used to dry grains and remove moisture from wood for use as lumber.

In the pharmaceutical industry, microwave energy can remove moisture from various powder substances.

In the materials supply industry, microwave energy can add different types of coatings to rubber and plastic materials.

Common questions about Industrial Microwave Components

What is the purpose of microwave energy components?

The application of microwave energy integrated with other disciplines is forming many new edge disciplines, such as microwave medicine, microwave biology, and microwave chemistry.

What are the characteristics of microwave energy components?

Heating time is usually just a few minutes, even heating, and because it does not rely on heat conduction, there is little temperature difference between the inside and outside; when used for food processing, it is clean and hygienic, and does not pollute food or the environment, nor does it destroy the nutritional content of food.

What frequency range is used for Industrial Microwaves?

The special frequencies for microwave heating are 915+25 MHz, 2450+50 MHz, 5800+75 MHz, and 22125+125 MHz. However, 915 MHz and 2450 MHz are commonly used in applications.

Applications of microwave energy:

The main application of microwave energy is microwave heating, which is based on the thermal effect produced by the interaction and absorption of microwaves with matter molecules. Compared with other heating methods such as infrared heating and high-frequency heating, it has different characteristics. Microwaves can penetrate deep into the inside of an object, and generate heat from the material itself, without relying on heat conduction, heating both inside and outside. Microwaves have a short wavelength, making it easy to concentrate and protect.

The advantages of microwave heating are:

High thermal efficiency, energy saving, and fast heating.

Dolph Microwave provides a full range of industrial microwave components. We specialize in waveguide components, including transmitters, isolators, directional couplers, tuners, and loads. Operating frequencies cover 915 MHz and 2450 MHz, with power levels up to 20 kW continuous wave. With our manufacturing and engineering capabilities, we can also provide customized design products. Please contact us for any requirements related to this field.

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