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What Are the Common Types of Double Ridge Waveguides?

1. Double ridge waveguide adapter

The waveguide to coax adapter series products have the characteristics of wide bandwidth, complete specifications, low voltage standing wave ratio, and low insertion loss. The frequency range is 0.3 ~ 110 GHz, and the waveguide bandwidth is less than or equal to 1.25 and 10% bandwidth, with performance at low voltage standing wave ratio ≤1.15, and they are divided into orthogonal structure (right angle), end launching and high-power types by structure.

2. Double ridged waveguide horn antenna

Dolph Microwave produces a series of high-quality double-ridge horn antennas, which are usually used for EMI testing, monitoring equipment, antenna gain and directional pattern measurement. Our double-ridged waveguide horn antenna series include WRD1800, WRD750, WRD700, WRD650, WRD580, WRD475, WRD200, WRD180, etc. In addition, wideband double-ridge horn antennas can still provide frequencies from 0.2GHz to 40GHz. The most common gain value is 4-20dB.

3. Flexible double ridge waveguide

From Dolph, one of the leading flexible waveguide manufacturers, The flexible waveguide products can be divided into flexible waveguide (interlocking flexible waveguide) and seamless flexible waveguide (without distortion flexible waveguide). The flexible waveguide has the bending function of e-plane and h-plane, and the seamless flexible waveguide has the characteristics of low loss and good airtightness.

The double ridge flexible waveguide component is mainly composed of internal conductor, flange and external protective cover. The internal conductor is a corrugated pipe, and the surface coating can greatly improve the attenuation performance. The flange is made of copper or aluminum, which can meet the needs of different customers. The black silicone rubber protective cover can protect the flexible waveguide and ensure the applicability of the flexible waveguide in various environments. For flexible waveguide price, feel free to contact us at any time. 

4. Double ridge waveguide load and termination

Dolph Microwave DH series waveguide termination devices include various forms of waveguide matching loads, mismatched loads, waveguide high power load, shorts, etc. Since the waveguide is physically open for total reflection, it does not have an open circuit, but is represented by a quarter-wavelength circuit breaker. The waveguide and load product are matched, and the absorber uses bulk absorptive materials, which changes the fragile nature of flat loads to vibration and damage, greatly improving matching and absorption. Low power loads and high power loads are available.

5. Double ridge waveguide bending

Bending waveguide is divided into two types: waveguide E bend and waveguide H bend. The bending types include circular bending waveguides and tangential bending waveguides. The standard bending angle is 90°, and other bending angles can be customized. They have the characteristics of low insertion loss and high corrosion resistance. Double ridge bending waveguides are usually used in satellite communication, aerospace, radar, ISM, SNG and uplink. In addition to the double-ridge waveguide bends, Dolph Microwave also provides standard waveguide bends for sale.

6. Double ridge waveguide straight and transition

Straight waveguide is the basic component of the waveguide feeding system. Materials are copper (C), aluminum (A) and stainless steel (S). Surface treatments include silver plating, gold plating, passivation, conductive oxidation, and other methods.

The dimensions, flanges, materials, and surface processing can be customized according to customer requirements.

7. Double ridge waveguide switch

The frequency coverage of Dolph Microwave ridged waveguide series models ranges from 2.60 GHz to 110GHz. Waveguide transfer switch can be divided into electric and manual according to the driving method, and into sub-E type and H-type waveguide switches according to the structure. Waveguide switches are usually used to change the signal path in the waveguide transmission system.

8. Double ridge magic tee in microwave engineering

Dolph Microwave provides a series of high-performance waveguide magic tees, power dividers and synthesizers. By connecting the load to the E plane H plane magic tee, it can be made into a magic T power divider or synthesizer. The magic T has the characteristics of opposite port isolation, adjacent 3 dB coupling, perfect matching, etc., making it widely used in the microwave field, especially suitable for single-pulse radar and differential comparator, radar transceiver switches, power distribution/combination, mixer and phase shifter.

9. Double ridge waveguide twisting

The double ridge flexible twistable waveguide is divided into left twist and right twist according to the twisting direction. The standard twisting angle is 90°. Other twisting angles can be customized. Dolph Microwave provides a variety of double-ridge waveguide components and standard flexible twistable waveguide as well to meet each customer's unique requirements.

10. Double ridge waveguide rotating joint

The double ridge rotary waveguide joint is mainly used to connect the fixed and rotating parts in the radar feeder system. The product frequency range covers 2.6-40GHz. It is divided into I-type, L-type, and U-type according to the structure. It is also divided into one-way, two-way, and multi-channel rotating joints according to the component channels.

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