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Double Ridged Waveguide Tees

Dolph Microwave provides a series of high-performance waveguide tees, power divider, and combiner products. By connecting a load to the E and H plane tee, it can be made into a Magic T power divider or synthesizer. The magic tee in microwave engineering has the characteristics of opposite port isolation, adjacent 3 dB coupling and perfect matching, which makes wave guide tees widely used in the microwave field, especially used in monopulse radar and difference comparator, radar transceiver switch, power distribution/combination, mixed Frequency converter and phase shifter.

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Waveguide E And H Plane Tees Ordering Guide

Ordering Guide of Double Ridged Waveguide Tees

  • Flange type: Multiple types of waveguide tee in microwave available - see Dolph Microwave Flanges page.

  • Finish: Corrosion protection plus black top coat of our waveguide magic tee in microwave engineering.

For custom ridged waveguide with high quality and wide application, contact Dolph Microwave.

E And H Plane Waveguide Tees Datasheet

Product modelFrequency (GHz)VSWRIsolation (two balancing arms) (dB)Distribu tion ratio (dB)FlangeMaterialCoating
DH-200DRWMTPC/D2.0-4.8GHz waveguide tees≤1.50≤1.50≥123±0.6FPALOxidation
DH-250DRWMTPC/D2.6-7.8GHz waveguide tees≤1.50≤1.50≥123±0.6FPALOxid
DH-350DRWMTPC/D3.5-8.2GHz waveguide tees≤1.50≤1.50≥123±0.6FPALOxid
DH-475DRWMTPC/D4.75-11GHz waveguide tees≤1.50≤1.50≥123±0.6FPALOxid
DH-500DRWMTPC/D.5.0-18GHz waveguide tees≤1.50≤1.50≥123±0.6FPCOSilver
DH-650DRWMTPC/D6.5-18.GHz waveguide tees≤1.50≤1.50≥123±0.6FPCOSilver
DH-750DRWMTPC/D7.5-18GHz waveguide tees≤1.50≤1.50≥123±0.6FPCOSilver
DH-700DRWMTPC/D7.0-18.GHz waveguide tees≤1.50≤1.50≥123±0.6FPCOSilver

Magic Tee Diagram

Magic T waveguide are widely used as hybrid circuits in microwave impedance bridges, balanced mixers in receivers, and frequency


The structure is composed of an E-plane branch and H-plane branch coupled with each other, providing good impedance characteristics and

symmetric property over the entire frequency range.

E-plane and H-plane waveguide has been designed to minimize the leakage of RF wave between the E-plane and H-plane branches with other waveguide ports perfectly matched.

diagram of double ridged waveguide tees
e and h plane tee
e plane and h plane waveguide
magic t waveguide
magic tee microwave
e plane h plane magic tee

Details Of Waveguide Magic Tees In Microwave Engineering

Details Of Waveguide Magic Tees In Microwave Engineering
  • Waveguide Tee In Microwave Advantages

Double-ridged magic T waveguide can provide more bandwidth than "normal" rectangular waveguide Magic T.

  • Application Of Waveguide Tees

1. Measure the impedance

A null detector is connected to E-Arm port while the Microwave source is connected to H-Arm port. The collinear ports together with these ports make a bridge and the impedance measurement is done by balancing the bridge.

2. As a duplexer

The duplexer is a circuit which works as both the transmitter and the receiver, using a single antenna for both the purposes. Port 1 and 2 are used as receiver and transmitter where they are isolated and hence will not interfere. An antenna is connected to E-Arm port. A matched load is connected to H-Arm port, which provides no reflections. Now there exists transmission or reception without any problem.

3. As Microwave Bridge, Microwave discriminator, etc.

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Waveguide Tee In Microwave FAQs

What are the types of waveguide tees?

There are three main types of Waveguide Tees:

1. E-Plane Waveguide Tee

2. H-Plane Waveguide Tee

3. E-H Plane Waveguide Tee(Magic Tee, or Hybrid or 3dB coupler)

What is meant by E-plane H-plane magic tee?

When the axis of the side arm is parallel to the Electric Field (E) of the collinear, then the tee is called a E-Plane Tee Junction.

When the axis of the side arm of the waveguide tee is parallel to the flow of the Magnetic Field (H) from port 1 and is perpendicular to the flow of the Electric Field (E), then the tee is called a H-Plane Waveguide Tee.

An E-H Plane Tee junction is formed by attaching two simple waveguides one parallel and the other series, to a rectangular waveguide which already has two ports. This is also called as Magic Tee, or Hybrid or 3dB coupler.

What is the difference between E-plane tee and H-plane tee and magic tee?

The outputs we get in this type of tee are 180° out of phase with each other, irrespective of from which port the input is fed.

If the input signal is fed to port 3, then the output will be split across port 1 and 2 and will be 180 degrees out of phase with each other.

An H-Plane Waveguide Tees can be thought of as a two way in-phase power divider/combiner i.e it is additive in nature. When two input signals are fed to port 1 & 2, the output at port 3 is in phase and additive and when the input signal is fed to port 3, the signal is split in to two equal parts that are in-phase at port 1 & 2.

The arms of rectangular waveguides make two ports called collinear ports i.e., Port 1 and Port 2, while the Port 3 is called as H-Arm or Sum port or Parallel port. Port 4 is called as E-Arm or Difference port or Series port.

What is a magic tee in microwave engineering?

A Magic Plane Tee is a 4 ports waveguide microwave device. The magic T waveguide can be used as a 180 ° power combiner / divider or as a hybrid coupler.

Why Choose Dolph As Your Waveguide Tees Supplier?

Strong R&D Capacity

Dolph pay more attentions and efforts to research & development. It helps us to provide the wave guide tees with excellent performance. As of it now, a total of 36 national patents have been applied, including 10 invention patents, 20 new utility patents, 3 computer software Copyrights and 3 integrated circuits.

Advanced Equipment For Production And Inspection

Precision CNC equipment, argon arc welding, silver brazing and aluminum brazing, 110G microwave measurement testing equipment.

Rich Experience

Our company has a good reputation with customers from America, Europe, North America, Russia and so on. We also have an excellent team for sales and quality control.

Good Service

As a leading professional waveguide tees manufacturer, Dolph want to serve worldwide clients with high proformance products, great reliability, professional services and honorable credibility to meet customers' requirements. Offering skillful after-sale-service, specialists are available for all clients at 7*24 hours every week.

Most Competitive Price

High-performance magic tee in microwave engineering with the most competitive price to enlarge business in your local.

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